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Benefits of Marijuana Card

Benefits of obtaining a Medical Marijuana Card

Benefits of having a marijuana medical card

According to the rules of Prop 64, the users of age 21 or more can only purchase and carry up to 1 ounce and grow 6 plants or less. But Medical Cannabis Cardholder can carry and purchase 8 ounces and 12 plants with age of 18 or more. They can also get a California grower’s license for limit exemption and grow up to 99 plants. If any user’s age is under 18 years, then must be accompanied by a parent to get a Medical Marijuana Card.

The users who smoke or vape occasionally can also get the benefit of Medical Cannabis Card and save 20% to 40% in extra tax fees per purchase.

By having Medical Marijuana Card users get a better experience on cannabis rather than the cannabis of recreational shops. The cannabis sold in medical dispensaries is grown from several high-grade strains with various THC:CBD ratios to increase potency, target pain management, and create a better experience for users.

In California Medical Marijuana Cardholder doesn’t have to pay marijuana sales taxes, that’s why the users have to spend a very low cost for getting cannabis. Our data management tells that the cost for this card is capped at $100 or $50 if you are receiving medical benefits, and with many counties now charging up to $175, that could also lead to savings.

So there is a lot of advantages to being a certified medical marijuana patient and having a medical marijuana card.

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