Can I Buy Weed at Any Dispensary in California?

Can you buy weed in any dispensary in CA? Short answer = "yes."

But only if you have a medical card in most cases. True, it's been legal since 2018, not all cities allow all dispensaries to be recreational facilities. The vast majority of dispensaries in the state still require that you have an MMJ card, which is easy enough to get, you just have to go through that little loophole to be able to purchase from any dispensary or to have weed delivered to you.

How can I get an MMJ card?

The process for getting an MMJ card is simple. And it will unlock for you your local dispensary so you can walk in any time or request delivery. Here's some helpful information:

How to renew or apply for an MMJ card in California

How long does it take to get an MMJ card?

How much does a Medical Marijuana card cost?

Can I smoke weed in public?

It's illegal to smoke pot within 1000 feet of a school, or in public with the same rules that apply for alcohol including open containers of buds in your car. Neither you nor your passengers are allowed to smoke while the car is driving. It's allowed to carry open containers if they're in your trunk.