Learn How much it Costs to get your Medical Marijuana Card

If you're looking for either a renewal or a new MMJ card, the cost can depend mostly on where you go to get it. There are several online resources as well as walk-in clinics around the states where recreational marijuana is legal.


Medical conditions that are approved for getting your medical card include muscle spasms, MS, alzheimers, glaucoma, anxiety, anorexia and other eating disorders, cancers, chronic pain and other allowable sicknesses helped by medical marijuana.

How Much Does it Cost to get or Renew your Medical Card?

Answer: You can expect to pay anywhere between $39 to $150 depending on where you go and the application process and delivery. The delivery for the range is either electronic or a printed, laminated and mailed card. Either one will allow the patient to purchase marijuana at any approved medial dispensary.

With the legalizing of recreational cannabis in California, it didn't happen that every dispensary became a recreational outlet. Most counties only have one recreational dispensary but possibly dozens of medical dispensaries. So it's still good to get your card if MMJ can help you with.

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How long does it take to get a medical card?